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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  January 9, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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did do, it is no big surprise to the security forces. here they come. >> stay was for a moment. you are also watching pictures there. where the french president of course has been having emergency meetings and had officials moving to and fro. it is eastern time now. noon eastern time. michelle over to you. >> simon, it is noon here in the east coast of the united states. 6:00 p.m. in paris. the two hostage situations in france are over ending in a violent finish with multiple dead at this on it. unclear the actual number. the two kouachi brothers who police say are the terrorists who killed 12 people at the magazine charlie hebdo. both gentlemen are dead according to reports. they came out guns blazing at a location northeast of paris and shot dead. they were holding one hostage.
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that hostage is free. we are showing you a live picture from the eastern part of paris where a second hostage situation at a coach hekosher supermarket is over. hostages were released. le monde reports one hostage taker is dead. though there have been conflicts reports whether or not that is true. and hostages leaving the supermarket. we don't know if all got out if there are more inside or injured or dead within the supermarket. we still do not know the fate of a location of a woman identified earlier today who was identified by the police who was wanted a easy well. they say she was connected to the two kouachi brothers as well. and also connected t eed to the killing of police officer yesterday in paris. the two situations are over.
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they appear to be linked but a the hostage taker at the supermarket was demanding that the kouachi brothers came out unharmed. that did not happen. they came out guns blazing and they are in and out dead. we are waiting for more clarity. we do know the situation is over and ambulances are on the scene. >> michelle thank you for that very detailed update, a situation we've been watching unfold since very early this morning. greater paris still operating on heightened security to say the lease. both notre dame and the eiffel tower have heavy police presences as well. charles de gaulle airport, very high traffic airport normally is operating at limited capacity. earlier today it limited arrivals to two runways given its proximity to one of these hostage sites northeast of paris. so a developing situation, even as we have some developments with police having gotten hostages out of each of those
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two situations. just after noontime. we want to bring in cnbc's scott wapner to bring him in on this situation. and also we're watching the markets down 142 points. off the lows of the day. a lot of people here on the floor are talking about the jobs number. but obviously the most important story right now is this hostage situation in france. >> no doubt kayla. thanks so much. the markets taking a backseat so what all of us have been watching and listening to. joining us now is former fbi agent herald copus. if i could get your take on what's happened over the last hour or so. the brothers are dead and also this hostage taker inside the super market. >> i have to tell you it's exactly what you would expect if you were on the entry team. i've done that. and that is probably the scariest thing that you can do.
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once the decision is made, and that took a long time because you have to figure out where everybody is at and drob mp micn and maybe cameras so you can see what's going on. and once you decide we're going to have to make an entry, then you can see what the result is. you are hoping that the hostages are okay. and you hope the hostage takers will surround. doesn't sound like it in this case. >> did you take us into the final moments, if you will, in one's mind as you are about to enter a building in a situation like this? what is going through your mind in making that final decision that now is the time to go? >> i think what happens, i can only speak for myself. you know, you gear up for something like that. so every bit of adrenaline is flowing. at the same time you have to be as cold as ice. because you cannot let your emotions run clear. you have to quickly identify the bad guys, separate them from the good guys. and if the bad guys makes a move
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you are going to have to shoot him. >> what can we glean from the training of these gign offers as they are known, these counterterror officers. what kind of training would they receive to put them into the position to go in which they did. >> you can seem safely their training as been extensive. you go through all sorts of training scenarios and all sorts of buildings and different situations. in this case it sounds like they had at least at the warehouse, fairly open space. maybe some containment in there. but they know how to get in. they know what to do. you have chaos, but the first thing you have to do is you have to again separate the good from the bad. and hopefully the good guys get on the ground and the bad guys are stupid enough to stand up. >> do you care whether the so called bad guys as you say are removed alive or dead in this situation like that? >> well you care.
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you want them to come out handcuffed. it is their decision. and most cases quite frankly, you know, they gonna shoot. and you want to go home at night so you shoot first and drop them. >> herald, you described almost an ideal situation of people on the ground having to make the decision. this is presumably a fairly -- or this is the ultimate high pressure situation. on either of those two hostage situations, which clearly are linked because those that have taken the hostages particularly at the supermarket are saying explicitly, we're linking the fate of our hostages to what happens on the other side of the paris. well it's approaching 6:00 local time and you know the nation is watching what is happening. more than that the president is holding special meetings and is clearly on the phone to all your superiors. that would seem to be a very
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intoxicating culmination of views and events and almost a pressure that seems insurmountable on the grown. how in practice do you work your way through what are the lines of engagement and the protection that you get from your superiors as to your own decision-making ability? >> well you hope that the folks in front of you, meaning above you, are going to support you. because you are the one in there making those decisions. those decisions have to be made in a split second. hopefully you have been trained properly. you have worked it a number of times and you do the right thing. the right thing is always that you want everybody to come out safe. but you can't make that decision. the other guy is making that decision. and quite frankly, that deli is probably the worst of the two scenarios to have to go in. >> and yet of the two it would appear that the commercial printing press near charles de gaulle was the one where it would appear according to some
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reports the two gunmen basically came out and challenged the security forces or at least left the building. do you automatically on the ground at that point locally have the four do whpower to do you think is right? or do you have to refer it up before you fire at them. >> quite frankly, you are on the ground, the decision is made that you are going in. and if the decision is made you are going in, then you are also allowed to make that decision to shoot. on the two guys in that warehouse, clearly they were the ones at the newspaper facility. they knew what they were doing. you could tell by the way they did their shots. they were tight groups. the way they held their weapons up. they have been trained. they are probably the two most dangerous guys that you were going to face. but they made it easy. they came out and they had a confrontation. straight up. that is an easy one. as i said, the hard one is inside that deli because we
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don't know what thinker training was like. >> agent copus we appreciate your insights. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you sir. >> michelle? >> tragic news to report. multiple reports coming out of paris now that several hostages were killed during -- at the situation at the supermarket. once again, several hostages dead at the supermarket. multiple reports about that. even though we saw many hostages leaving the supermarket earlier. we're going to roll the tape when the raid actually occurred and you can see it from beginning to end. and if you watch at the very beginning you will be able to see a small explosion. we know they lowered the lights within the building. there you see it begin. as they began their raid to try to rescue the hostages and take out the suspects. >> you know michelle people will immediately perhaps cast their minds back to what happened in sidney. three or four weeks ago.
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a similar situation where you had one of these hostage takers within a restaurant in that instance. and there of course it was the point at which the hostages were actually being armed, that the security forces made the decision to go in. in this instance here with what we're witnessing on the screen we don't note know whether the hostages were harmed in advance of the security forces moving in or in the gunfight we assume ensued. >> we do not know what the catalyst was. it is possible they wanted to do both raids at the same time. we do know also that the other hostage situation where the two brothers that i they came out now according to multiple police sources that they came out guns blazing and were killed during that exchange. so that could be the reason that situation happened here. it could be coincidence both seemed to be occurring at the same time. but the news out is that several hostages are dead t the supermarket. we don't have clarity on how many are dead or exactly what
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exactly happened in this situation. but we're waiting for more details and they are coming out bit by bit. >> michelle, earlier today i read our report that suggested that the hostage at the print site had initially not known that one of the attackers was an attacker. he thought he might have been a security person and quoted that person as saying we don't harm civilians and told him to go. is there anything that you are hearing there that corroborates that from headquarters? you are tracking all this stuff. either corroborated that or makes sense of the fact that it appears that this other group of attackers at the grocery store did indeed harm civilians at the supermarket. >> i didn't see any reports or anything that nbc news confirmed or any sources we generally go with that cited the hostage takers, the two brothers saying they don't kill civilians. so i can't speak to that.
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but certainly we do know that civilians it appears were killed in the situation with the supermarket. and we've seen civilians killed in the past right here in new york city, during 9/11, for example. so in indeed they said that. it would be contradictory to what we have seen or their historical fact pattern, that's for sure, if they are linked to al qaeda as some reports indicate. >> and michelle we have no information as of yet according to what you have seen to determine whether the death of these hostages came as part of the raid on behalf of french police forces or came at the behest of the hostage takers. we don't have any information on that at this point. >> when it comes to the supermarket we do not know how the hostage taker was killed. he was killed in the security raid. we also dhoeon't know. there was a woman remember. we don't know what is her
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situation. when it comes to the two brothers they came out guns blazing according to reports from multiple sources. and that essentially ends up being a suicide mission, right? if you come out guns blazing at the police officers they are going to respond. >> it is a moot point of course who would ever confirm that to be the case other than the security forces but perhaps that is best left to one side. >> we also hear that the president of france, francois hollande is going to speak friday, this afternoon after this horrific, horrific incident. and once again will have to address the nation about another devastating event in his country. two days ago he had to address the country about 12 dead because of the killing at the satirical magazine charlie hebdo that just horrified everyone and now again today. >> that is a very important point. if now, wlr we saying, four
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hostages have been killed here. that is a whole different narrative for that nation tonight going through the evening news. because until now, correct me if i'm wrong, michelle,n you haddedn haddedn't had innocent bystanders. the fact that ordinary civilians were caught up in an event today in which they lost their lives feed into a very tense racial situation across the country michelle. >> yeah i think you are absolutely on point about that simon. none of the people in the supermarket had ever drawn a cartoon or done anything that would be considered by some muselims to be offensive at thi point. they were in a kosher supermarket. so they were likely jewish. that will also feed into the narrative as well. as would make sense considering the situation. >> michelle we'll come back to you often as the story develops. we appreciate you bringing us up
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to date your perspective on all of the news coming out on the duelling hostage situations. we still have former cia officer gary bernstein. who i'd like to bring in the conversation. now that we know the unfortunate turn of events is such that several hostages at the super market scene in eastern paris have been killed, what decision must police forces make in a situation like this depending on what the catalyst is on whether you put those lives at risk during a raid like this? >> of course that is heart-breaking to hear that. you know, in both of those scenes, at both of those locations you would have had an on scene commander. and it is all on that command tore manage that incident at each location. unfortunately the locations were co-mingled because of fact that the group at the kosher deli was stating they would kill hostages
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based on any knowledge of assault sat other location. you have an armed breakout at one location which compelled had police to probably preemptively assault the other location. the assault at the second location may have only been because they learned of the attack of the first location. might not have been the most optimum time. but at both locations you have on scene commanders. all the decision making is on them. there was a question earlier asked about politics. the time of day. the number of people watching. i would just say to you that those on scene commanders would have been the ones that technically and tactically manage the scenes and are the people that are responsible for success or failure in nif of these operations, ultimately at end of the day. >> what is potentially terrifying here is as we -- we've had our own problems in new york city and there was a concern about the spawning of the reaction and copy cat and reaction. and that the danger here is that
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actually those two brothers didn't know that they were linked to anything else at all. and that actually what grew up was somebody else who decided they would institute a second situation, a second hostage taking situation which you then describe as co-mingling with the first. and surely for the security forces on the ground here, the nightmare is that you are effectively flushing out other people in a major european city who are moving in sympathy but without connection. do you understand the point that i'm making? >> oh i understand the point and it is a fightening pint. >> in any city that is your greatest fear. it is the fear that clearly was topmost of the mind here in new york city with the mayor only a few days ago. >> i agree and i understand the point that you have made. we live in a world with 7 billion people. 24 hour news cycles. hundreds of channels. people, information is being shared for good and bad reasons. >> sir, i'm wondering, given
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your past role with the cia, if you can expand on what might be going on in this country right now bhien the scenes to make sure that there is no coordinated effort of any kind. any copy cat effort as simon has spoken to as well. what's taking place here behind the scenes? >> clearly the french security services, the gst, the grandt armory and others. are going to be out trying to contact every source they have, look at all the signals intelligence and everything. but the truth is the french have a problem. a gigantic problem. they have more militants than the ability to cover them simultaneously. they are vulnerable. it is an open society as we in america are vulnerable. >> what would be taking place here in the united states to be be specific mibehind the sceneso make sure there aren't any associates of these folks either
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in the united states or attempting to enter the united states. >> of course there will be sharing of intelligence and we share almost all counterterrorism intelligence. there is the sharing of this across the board with our closest allies. but then each of the countries individually has to have their operatives out, whether cia or fbi or whatever service they are with, making contact with every potential source they have to penetrate these groups to sort of add to the picture to understand what is going on on the ground. >> let me ask you back to the siege by the counterterror officials. what role do you think night fall played in all this? there was a guest on our air who said nightfall would favor the police. >> that was me. >> but certainly as we do approach that hour of darkness, do you think it played a major role in wanting to move? >> well, if the story here is that there was an armed breakout.
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that means those two brothers attempted to -- came out on they are own firing. that is an armed breakout. the security forces that are in the inner perimeter would automatically be authorized to fire on them. normally an assault is done by an assault team on the word and command of the on scene commander. he would give that order to the assault team leader and they would go in. but if they did a spontaneous attempt at an armed breakout, then the perimeter team would have done the firing there. but as i said and it was i who said that earlier that nightfall usually fehr favors the security forces because they have night vision equipment. in this case these guys may have been very very tired. exhausted at that point and it was a last burst of effort on them to break out of this thing or at least to take their own lives. >> i just wonder the coincidence of it literally unfolding as the sun was setting in paris was a bit more than just that, a
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coincidence. >> well i don't think we'll ever know since those two brothers are dead what their decision making was at the very end. >> thanks gary for that continued insight. let's get back out to cnbc's hadley gamble whose on the ground in france. hadley? >> reporter: about on hour ago as you mentioned the sun was setting we saw multiple police cars, ambulances with their sirens blaring, helicopters over head moving very quickly towards this vilenilage where the two brothers were holding their hostage. and we saw gunfire, explosion, white smoke. essentially what we have here is these brothers, they break out of the building, gun blazing and encounter police force on the doorst doorstep. they were linked gunmen in eastern part of paris.
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we also know thgunmen has been killed. and reports of at least four hostages in that situation are dead as well. so another day of terror come cog to close here in france. we expect president hollande to make comments in the coming hours. essentially what he's going to want to tell the french people is trying to reassure them but of course many nervous people here tonight. >> hadley you were before on camera and noticing how the crews were moving in with force or density on to that commercial printing press which is the other scene we are not looking at, at the moment. can you tell me was there a build up of support services or medical personnel gradually through the process or was there a sunday arrival of military personnel to the point that maybe the security forces had been surprised by those gunmen suddenly emerging and in a sense
12:23 pm
forcing the situation when they had intended to stand by for a longer period of time ideally. >> well we had heard they had prand planned on moving in in a coordinated attack both in paris and here. but as you mentioned they came in so quickly and in such force it would be surprising if those ambulances had been too far away. but at the same time there is some speculation that they were surprised. >> and the level of activity now has there been a dispersion of people and forces? >> reporter: i can see lots of tail lagt lights. i now traffic is being allowed into the area. but the air is still pretty quiet. there is traffic now moving into that area and some traffic moving out of that area of the village. >> hadley, thank you very much for that. the view from outside the
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commercial printing press. the other hostage scene is the charles de gaulle airport. you are looking at the conclusion of the kosher supermarket hostage situation, different in which we believe that potential four hostages had their lives ended there. we're still unclear i think what happened with the shooters. i has been announced i believe that francois hollande will address the nation at 2:00 p.m. eastern. which will be 8:00 local time in just over an hour and a half. that is a very critical national address he has to give given that innocent bystanders have now been killed. a very tense racial situation and many political forces that would want to take advantage of what you see. >> and a devastating unfolding of events at two sites. one in paris one about 45 minutes northeast. twro hostage situations.
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suspects are expected to be dead. confirmed to be dead at least at the print shop outside of paris and the tragic news has come in and been reported by multiple sources that several hostages lost their lives in today's standoff. the market is moving on the jobs report. dow is down 140 points. s&p and nasdaq as well but that is taking a backseat to the developments out of the france as we await the comments from francois hollande. more after the break.
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breaking news this hour is is that two separate by linked hostage situations near paris have both been brought to conclusions within the last hour. there are hostages freed. there are hostages who have been killed and the two original gunmen on the attack on the satirical magazine are certainly dead. we are awaiting other news on the other hostage takers at the other site. in the meantime a huge day for financial news in the the market. scott over to you. >> any other day our first and foremost look would be on the market to a jobs report that was
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better that be expected. 250,000 plus jobs added. you would expect the market reacting positively. however the dow is down. it's rebounded a little bit from lows. but you can see stocks reacting under pressure perhaps on the belief that improving employment picture is going bring the federal reserve into action faster than expected despite the fact that as you heard on squawkbox this morning that charlie evans suggesting maybe a rate hike shouldn't happen until 2016. that is the story on the street at this hour in what's been a topsy-turvy start to the year. five straight days of selling followed by two straight days of a strong v-shaped rebound. the focus continues on crude oil, maybe getting a little stabilization over the last few days and perhaps that is why the stock market was able to react
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positively in the manner in which it did. michelle caruso cabrera, back to you at the news desk for an update for what all of us have been watching over the last several hours, the events in paris but certainly keeping an eye on wall street and the selloff we've been watching for much of the morning. >> yeah. three hostage takers dead at two separate sites in france. the two suspects in the charlie hebdo massacre r were killed after they came out shooting. the one hostage unharmed. in paris, one gunmen is dead there after a simultaneous police raid with reports some hostages were killed. bill neely reporting four were killed. we saw some leaving and two police officers were injured and bill neely reports that the gunmen is dead as well who was there. what's a unknown is a fourth suspect a woman who french
12:31 pm
police put out a photo of today saying she was wanted in connection with this situation. remember the situation wasn't just the two hostage situations today. there was the killing of the 12 people on wednesday at the charlie hebdo magazine. and then yesterday there was a policewoman killed as well in paris. and now police believe all of those situations are connected. that there were four individuals involved. we know three are dead. three of them men. the fourth person, a woman. her fate at this point unknown. that is what we have right now. when we know more we'll bring it to you. we're still waiting to hear from the president of france, francois hollande. he'll speak 2:00 our time, 8:00 p.m. paris time and he'll address the nation for the third time in as days as what's been a horrific series of terrorist attacks in france. back to you. >> michelle, back at headquarters, we'll have more from you in a moment. meanwhile bring in former new york city police commissioner,
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howard safer. the events of the past three days are unique to france but i imagine every city in america and across the world is thinking this could have happened here as well. what type of reaction must happen or is happening in the major cities across the world as we watch the events unfold in paris? >> well the vents the intelligence agencies and local law enforcement are all checking their intelligences and seeing what contact any of these shooters had within their countries and seeing if there is anybody else to be concerned about, if there is a cell there, if there are devices. those are all the things going on. but the most important thing is we have to recognize that what happened in paris not only could happen here, it did happen here in 1997 when i was police commissioner we arrested two young palestinians in brooklyn
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with two live bombs two hours before they were going to put them on the subway. so this is not something -- it is not an if. it is a when. and in order to combat we need the best intelligence and more importantly also the eyes and ears of this country are the men and women in blue. hundreds of thousands of them. we have to make sure they are appreciated and we have to make sure they are working 100%. >> you mention that howard and that brings me to the virtual work stoppage we have among some in fact the nypd here right now. perhaps you are linking the two as you mention at the end of your statement. is that an issue? because sometimes the very types of misdemeanor arrests and violation stops that police do can lead to information about something that could be in the offing. that could happen. does that virtual work stoppage need to come to end in light of these events so the police aware
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of anything that might happen. >> it has to come to an end and the politicians and people leading this country have to convince the police in this country -- not just in new york city but the police throughout the country that they are not under siege that. since the garner and brown events that they are not considered racist and brutal which is the message you are getting. and when you destroy morale among police what you do is get them to do just what is necessary, not what they normally do which is to go above and beyond and put their lives on the line. i believe that police who are not happy in this country. and when you attack them. when the war on police will definitely have an effect on the war on terrorism. >> commissioner, there are also similarities with what may have happened today and what we fear could happen in new york, in that it could be that the second hostage taking situation was a voluntary and unconnected copy cat type event from somebody who
12:35 pm
had similar persuasions to those who had initially made the attack two days ago. and they took hostages in a supermarket as a result. how do you in a big city -- and france is full of the racial tension at the moment. a lot of anger and lot of people who would take to take advantage political at the moment. how do you copy cat that event? what does the president say to people in france in an hour half. >> i think what has to be done is what i mentioned before. you have to get the police agency, especially the state and local. let's face it. if there is a hostage situation, it is not the fbi whose going to respond. it is the nypd or tfall's churc police or whatever down. and then you have to make sure -- i know they train in
12:36 pm
antiterrorism. i no either capable. but if they are not getting out of their cars. if they are not doing what we call situational awareness of what's around them at all times. if they are just going through the motions the way that may be happening now it puts all in danger. >> much has been made that at least one of the suspect, one of the brothers had been a known quantity to french police. heed been arrested and convicted for attempting to go to iraq to fight against u.s. forces there. and we've had guests earlier on in our show who have said what needs to happen now is every police department needs to go back and revisit its logs of its suspects and look at travel records and look at what activity has gone on in the meantime to see which of these people if any still topose a serious threat. but there is a lot of sensitive t going about doing that. how does a police department go
12:37 pm
about doing that. >> well you have to have a good intelligence operation and you have to to the extent possible track those who appear to have that highest threat level. the reality is there are thousands and thousands of potential suspects. and your hindsight is 20/20 but it's very difficult to track every potential terrorist and what's mentioned before, you have the independent folks, the folks who leave in jihad and attacking america or france and will do so without any organization. so, you know, it is a tremendous, tremendous operation to do. but when you have somebody whose in fact you learn trained with terrorists we should detained and interrogated and tracked. but it's hard. >> commissioner, thank you for joining us. we'll be right back. you're driving along,
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12:41 pm
murders charlie hebdo earlier in the week are dead. another hostage taker in paris at the kosher supermarket is dead. unfortunately we can report to you that multiple hostages are dead as well. we go to go michelle caruso cabrera for the latest. >> there is still one suspect on the run scott. a woman. we're learning now the police are still looking for the fourth suspect. so three of the four wanted suspects are dead. if we take a shot of the wall here. we have balt graphic we can show you. the upper right-hand side the two brothers you referred to, the kouachi brother, were killed guns blazing after they came out a printing house after a nine hour standoff with police, northeast of players near charles de gaulle airport. they are both dead. in the supermarket, the dead on the right is dead. we know four hostages were
12:42 pm
killed in the process. the woman on the left is unknown at this point in terms of her location. a bolo, be on the lockokout, wa issued for her hours ago. we do not know her state at this point. the two individuals at the bottom, besides being included in the supermarket situation, were both wanted with the killing of a police officer in paris yesterday. the man on the right, according to reports said that as he was holding the hostages in the supermarket was demand hag that the kouachi brothers be released unharmed. and once again the woman there still being sought by police in connection with the events of
12:43 pm
the last three days. about an hour and 15 minutes from now t president of france, francois hollande is going to address the nation about what has happened today. both hostage situations are over but not without blood shed. >> we still have simon hobbs and kayla tausche with us from the new york stock exchange on these developments well. i want to bring in the former white house counterterrorist official in on. roger, welcome. >> so many questions here. it's going to start with what did french intelligence know and when about the watkouachwatch b. also about the coordinate and cooperation within this cell. what type of links.
12:44 pm
clearly al qaeda and the arabian peninsula is one about training for the elder kouachi. but a multitude of questions about how these individuals were able to plan and operate and ultimately execute these tragic event. >> roger, it underscores again the difficulty within the intelligence community, police municipalities and wherever else in sniffing out these rogue attacker, these radicalized individuals rather than larger groups. does it not? >> it does, scott. and the challenge for intelligence officials both in the united states and western europe. and you can be tracking someone quite close by. but until they decide to go operational, if they do not talk about it or communicate in a way that allows us to pick it up either through intelligence or others it is nearly impossible to identify them before they go
12:45 pm
operationing. and i think a key point for the french authorities is was there any data or signals they were a about to go operational and they were missed? and if this were there signals that just underscoring your question, which is unless you are talking and broadcasting what you are about to do, it is damn near impossible to identify it before the fact. >> i just wonder if this is going to be the new normal, what needs to develop or change within the intelligence community to help figure these situations out before in fact they happen. >> well we talked about the lone wolf phenomenon for years. and in some respects haza s it deadly but it is easier. the capability is not that strong. what we're seeing here is individuals who have gone and trained with the most important affiliate of al qaeda, aqap and came back with a plan and
12:46 pm
executed on that plan. this is the first time aqap with claim a significant attack in western europe. they have tried to attack the western homeland repeatedly. they have tried other potential targets in western jurp europe. so now aqap is going to be viewed in a different light. >> let me ask you one more before i wribrick in simon hobb. is there a desire among the counterterrorism community to bring suspects such as these out alive to take them alive to glean any intelligence you can? or duds it not matter. >> no, taking them alive is the top priority. because we know -- we know what happened. we need to know the why. we need to know the how, the back story there. so we can learn from this. and you can then develop procedures to identify other
12:47 pm
individuals in advance of future attacks. you also need to put together what i'll call the mosaic of information regarding the cell. who did they work with? what was the outer circle of individuals that affiliated with them? are there any other people potentially to be radicalized on the horizon they have interacted with? so not taking them alive is very unfortunate from intelligence and counterterrorism perspective. but with all -- you really can't question the french authorities on this. they did a fantastic job in a very fast-moving situation. it is just an unfortunate effect of what happened. >> sure. indeed. simon. >> >> rooj roger can you give ut into what is happening behind the scenes? the degree of cooperation? the degree of resource allocation and the difficulty you may have within that? on the one hand we have again. lest call them lone wolves. assume they are lone wolf. certainly they didn't appear to have a huge amount of al qaeda
12:48 pm
backup in the way they were trying to escape or exit the situation. at a time when yesterday the head of mi-5 in the united kingdom andrew parker, gave a speech in which he warns a group of core al qaeda terrorists in syria is planning what he described a mass casualty attack or plural, mass casualty attacks in the west. faced with that sort of intelligence from mi 5 and that suspicion do you to one extent chaus chase your tail on bits and bobs of information related to lone wolves? do you have to triage in favor of the mass casualty attacks. >> that is a very astute observation. you have to triage the information. and there is a difference between a terror threat when you know there are a group of
12:49 pm
individuals who are think aing about doing something. this is chatter and intent. it's one thing to talk about it, do you have to capability to do it. and does the intelligence counterterrorism community have specific credible corroborated information that points to it? because if you don't have that, then this is really -- this is not a science it is an art. it is a judgment call. then we know these individuals are potentially going to go operational but do we have any data that says they are. now for core al qaeda or the tier one al qaeda related groups such as the corazon group in syria, which we attacked several months ago we know their capability is quite strong. we know their intent is there. and if it gets to the point where we believe they are going to be operational, we and our western allies will height p our level of alert. what we've seen since the summer in europe and united states is a
12:50 pm
broad recognition that threat environment as changed and we're in a phase where these types of attacks are highly likely. >> thanks for joining us. we appreciate it so much. talk to you soon. >> thank you scott. >> and we'll continue this breaking news situation in paris. after the break we'll speak with four star general wes clarke when we come back.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
. we are back with our special
12:53 pm
coverage of these developments in and outside of paris. of course i'm still joined by my colleagues simon hobbs, kayla tausche at the new york stock exchange. do want to bring in retired general wesley clarke for his reaction. general, welcome. do you want to weigh into the multitude of voice we've already heard this morning reacting to events? >> i think the reaction is as we've heard lots of issue range, its gratifying that these terrorists were tracked down. they have been taken down. now we got to take apart the process. we got to understand who they were. why they are acting. who their support networks were. who else is out there. we got to unravel this as best we can. french intelligence has to do that. they got share that information with other intelligence services. but i think the bigger -- there's some big issues here.
12:54 pm
this is really about a struggle within islam, and it's a political struggle. it's a theologyical struggle within islams that live within islamic lands and the west. every country in europe and the united states is, we're going to be looking at people and asking are we bringing these people into society? are we giving them the same rights, the same opportunities, are we treating them fairly. in the united states we've done a very good job of this. we believe. we don't have large alienated sections of the population. we know in france there have been problems in the past and these heavily islamic communities and we're going to be looking at europe to see what they can do to deal with this issue. it's not just an immediate security threat.
12:55 pm
it's a profound issue for the politics of france and other countries in western europe. >> john? >> general, i'm interested in how you're framing this. if these are, in fact people who are not part formally of a terror network, if they are on their own acting in this way, how important is it to pay attention to those cultural issues that you just mentioned, reaching out to the disaffected, if clueding other methods, intelligence that we might be doing? give us a sense from your perspective having dealt with this, globally as well as looked at it domestically how important that cultural piece is. >> obviously you need to have security forces. for those who choose to resort to violence you want to be able to deter them if possible, to preempt them and to react against them successfully.
12:56 pm
fine. that's the easy part of this. the hard part is the cultural integration and the issue of assimilation. will these immigrants be assimilated into french society and if so, how effectively? and this is the hot issue in western europe today. the question is are these countries going to change their cultural standards, their political systems. this san issue that's been brewing for over 20 years, really since the end of the cold war. and since immigration became heavier and heavier into europe from north africa and the middle east, citizens in these countries are struggling with these issues of assimilation, and a cultural adaptation. the question is, can these people become real meaningful citizens and participate. in the united states it's possible.
12:57 pm
it seems less possible in europe. there seems to be more friction, more difficulty, maybe it's the nature of the institutions, maybe it's the culture, maybe it's the scale, maybe it's the speed, and these are all issues that political leaders and security people in these countries have to work with and understand. >> general, the intelligence on a situation like this and we've discussed this with roger cressey prior to having you on is certainly more difficult when it involves mere individuals or rogue individuals carrying out these sort of events. you ran for president of the united states. are you satisfied with the level of our intelligence gathering in what may very well be a new normal in the way terror attacks are carried out around the globe? >> i'm not inside the intelligence community or inside the national command authority structure at this time so i can't see exactly what we're doing, but i know from
12:58 pm
conversations and relationships that we've come a long, long way since 2001. so we're much stronger. does it mean we can predict everything? no. we're never going to be able to be totally zero defect in terms of handling every piece of intelligence. but what we do have is a system that's very good at going back and learning lessons from events. and that's key for us even in looking at the french experience. we're going to want to learn everything we can about the background of this and what was done or what the indicators were and who they talked to because there are relationships and webs of flun and they do extend to the united states. we'll learn from that. the great strength of the american system is we maintained accountability and maintained the ability to do real after action reviews and learning from our experiences. and sometimes wrong mistakes.
12:59 pm
>> general clark we're watching authorities in paris respond to this situation in real-time. we've seen reports that charles de gaulle operating at limited capacity. businesses in the area were told to close early. heightened police presence at tourist attractions. for a city the size and scale of paris how long do you expect this to take and to keep a heightened presence in a city like paris. >> we don't know what's going on behind-the-scenes and we don't know whether these two brothers and the supermarket sympathizers were part of maybe a larger network of people that the authorities are going after right now to roll up. so, if they are not, if there was no larger network, if there's no leads, if there's no more intelligence out there then given the capabilities of french intelligence and so forth, and the ability of france to, the metropolitan area of paris to control itself, i would expect
1:00 pm
to it be back to normal very, very quickly. >> general charge, i want to thank you very much for joining us today. giving us your insights on what we've all been watching develop really since middle of the week and then culminating what we've seen this morning. general clark, thank you very much. >> i want to thank simon hobbs, kayla tausche as well. you know the markets would be our central focus particularly on a jobs day where the jobs report coming in better than expected but nonetheless this is a story we do don't cover and our developments with tyler mathisen who takes it away. >> night has dome france the end of a terrible day there. several hostages at a kosher supermarket in paris have been killed. that's the scene on your left in paris. on the right the scene where french security services successfully freed a hostage and killed the two brothers responsible for wednesday's attack at the satirical magazine where they murdered


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